It’s time to move past ideology to reality. Government is our tool, that when wielded properly can help the American people grow our economy and strengthen our nation. We cannot simply dismiss the use of government to help solve problems. Government is US – not something being done to US.

“Good citizens feel responsible for what’s happening to everyone in your neighborhood, in your state, and in your country. But you can’t just feel responsible, you have to take steps to put your values into practice.”

Aliya Rahman
Great government is one responsive to its citizens, one that provides funding for important initiatives that make our lives better and our country stronger and our children safer and better educated. Great government is great at problem solving.

Shivram Sankar, Google
I would run our immigration policy to get more effective laws passed that actually recognize that ours is a country of immigrants instead of treating them, treating us, as second-class citizens. Yo postularía para trabajar en nuestras normas de inmigración. Me gustaría conseguir que se pasaran leyes más eficaces, en las que realmente se reconozca que nuestro país es un país de inmigrantes, en lugar de tratarlos como ciudadanos de segunda clase.

Valeria Gurr, Clark County Education Association
“My favorite thing government does is involve citizens in the decision-making process. While people separate ‘government’ and ‘politics,’ mentally, government is a reflection of our representative democracy. So I’d make the case that our best government function is a process – getting and keeping citizens involved in how we run our country.”

Taylor Jo Isenberg, Roosevelt Institute

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