It can be hard to find out what’s going on around the country. But we know that people are ImagineGov’ing everywhere. And one of the most powerful tools for government innovation is data. Big data. And how we can use it to make our city governments more responsive, efficient, and accessible.

And City Journal is helping us to know about those and other projects around the country with the 10 Blocks podcast. A weekly podcast hosted by City journal editor Brian C. Anderson, 10 Blocks talks about urban policy and culture and how we are working to make our cities better.

Just a few weeks ago, they focused on “The Untapped Potential of Data-Driven Policy.” You can listen here┬áto their discussion of how companies and cities are working together to use data ethically to improve city services for everyone. Like when the city of New York started using Yelp reviews to figure our what restaurants might be due for a hygiene inspection…

So when you’re looking for inspiration for something you can do in your community to make it better. To help us build the government we aspire to. The 10 Blocks podcast is like an auditory inspiration board.

You can find that episode, and so many more, here or on your smartphone in your podcasting app.

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