How do you solve a problem like low voter turnout? You need a lot of plans. You need better candidates – VoteRunLead is on it. You make it easier for people to understand how to vote and get registered – the Center for Technology in Civic Life is working with election officials to make that possible. And you need to better understand the candidates running in your local and state elections. For that, we have BallotReady.

When we’re voting, the long list of local candidates makes many of us tune out. Who has time to be educated about what all of those people believe about the things that are most important to us? Our schools, our streets, our public employees, the incredible work of our state and local governments that we notice only when it is broken. So some of us guess (never guess!), some of us only vote for national or state candidates, and some don’t vote at all, feeling that if we can’t be educated about our votes, it’s best just to stay home (But don’t throw away your shot!).

This cannot be how we choose who represents us. With voting being one of the easiest ways for us to ImagineGov together and make government closer to what we want it to be, we need every voice. Which means, we need to make it easier for people to get informed about their local elections.

BallotReady is working with the National Science Foundation, Knight Foundation, The University of Chicago Institute of Politics to make that dream a reality.

BallotReady provides free, nonpartisan background information on every candidate and referendum on a voter’s ballot.” They gather all the publicly available data they can and partner with political science departments to ensure that all the information is linked back to its source directly.

You can look up candidates by race, compare them by issue (instead of just by party, but you may be surprised to find that someone from the opposite party is actually closer to your issue beliefs, especially in local elections), and you can take your choices, and the information, to the polls.

They’re spreading all over the country – and if they’re not in your town yet, ask them to come!

To ImagineGov and vote to hire elected officials that will create the public systems and structures that we want, we have to know our candidates. And BallotReady can help.

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