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Citizenship 101: Part 6: The Day

The day someone becomes a U.S. citizen should be beautiful.


Notes from Donya: John Oliver, 911, and GPS

John Oliver inspired me to ImagineGov equipping our 911 emergency response with next generation GPS. Let's make it so.


Government Self-Analytics

Have you seen We can see, in real time, how we and other Americans are using our government websites. It's going to blow your mind.


Seattle’s citizens set its environmental justice plan

Seattle asked its citizens to ImagineGov an equitable environmental agenda. With karaoke. And it's amazing.


The FDA is our Silicon Valley sheriff

Thanks, FDA, for stepping up your work in medical devices in Silicon Valley. Because when they work, we want them. But not until they work.


California’s Child Welfare Guidelines

18F is helping California child welfare offer better services to abused children and families. By improving their procurement systems. True.


The State of Indivisible

So what has Indivisible been up to since our launch? You may be surprised. And you may want to get involved.

Indivisible Institute

Why (Bother) Voting 5: The Wheel of Civic Life

When we all work together, we can get the virtuous cycle of civic life moving. So let's get the ball rolling.


Climate Change: The Game

It's hard to get people to participate in NOAA surveys about climate change. It's easier to get people to play a game. Especially when there is winning.


10 Blocks Podcast is ImagineGov’ing

The 10 Blocks podcast is like an auditory inspiration board to help us all ImagineGov.

Indivisible. We listen. Share Your Voice.