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Why they drive like that

There's a reason that we drive more safely. Try to guess.


Notes From Dianne: VW’s “Defeat Device” for America’s Rules of the Road

VW's defeat device hurt more than just people who bought their cars or people who breathe air. They hurt capitalism.


Hacking the VA Health Care Experience

Too often, we forget that we can make our government interactions better. Here are some tips from a Marine to make your VA health care experience better right now.


Gov. saved us billions in credit card fees

Success! Our government saved consumers billions in ridiculous credit card fees - creating a fairer and more transparent credit system for all American.


Haley Van Dyck is Coding to ImagineGov

Haley Van Dyck and the U.S. Digital Service are disrupting our federal government to ImagineGov a more efficient and accessible government.

Pave the Way

Want to be a homesteader now?

So, are you going to become a modern homesteader or start your own farm? It's nice to know that our government still has your back if you do.


Notes from Donya: How Government Helped Me Plan My Trip

When I was planning my trip, government resources helped me prepare, pack well, and keep me safe. Thanks, gov, for making my vacation more amazing.


What did my federal taxes fund?

Find out what your tax dollars funded with these amazing Federal Taxpayer Receipts. You may be surprised.

Indivisible Institute

Why (Bother) Voting: What’s the point of public structures?

It's not rocket science: having excellent elected officials who build and maintain our public systems and structures benefits us in so many ways.

Pave the Way

Our Gov Keeps NYC Water Clean

We have to read, and tell, stories of how government is serving the public good. Here's one from the New York Times about the incredible NYC water system.

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