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I Love My

How To Talk: Taxes

We don't love paying our taxes. But our taxes fund public systems and structures we do love. So, let's talk about taxes better. Indivisible can help.

I Love My

I Love My Framingham Heart Study

When heart disease reared its ugly head, our government pulled out the big guns: the Framingham Heart Study. It really is a big deal.

Indivisible Institute

Why (Bother) Voting: Election Day, aka National Hiring Day

Election day is actually Hiring Day - when we hire our elected officials. What should be on the job description for these important jobs?

Indivisible Institute

How To Talk: The Water Crisis in Flint

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is a tragedy. Government didn't hear the voices of the citizens damaged by its actions. But government is also best equipped to solve this. Where do we go from here?

I Love My

911 Emergency Response

Calling 911 brings help nearly anywhere. And government makes that all possible...

I Love My

I Love My Doctor’s Office

The doctor's office is full of amazing things government is doing to make our health better. How many can you find?

I Love My

I Love My Air Traffic Control

Our air traffic control is keeping us safe. Connected. Mobile. And letting us see our friends and family and run our businesses. Thank goodness it's ours.

My Take

Valeria Gurr, Nevada Institute for Children’s Research and Policy

I would like to get more effective [immigration] laws passed, ones that actually recognize that ours is a country of immigrants instead of treating them, treating us, as second-class citizens. Yo postularía para trabajar en nuestras normas de inmigración. Me gustaría conseguir que se pasaran leyes más eficaces, en las que realmente se reconozca que nuestro país es un país de inmigrantes, en lugar de tratarlos como ciudadanos de segunda clase.

I Love My

I Love My Do Not Call List

Our National Do Not Call list is the best thing. Really. And so easy.

Indivisible Institute

How To Talk: The Thanksgiving Table

Dreading Thanksgiving dinner table discussions about government? Or really anything? We have a plan for you.

Indivisible. We listen. Share Your Voice.