[photo credit: Bret Hartman / TED]

Haley Van Dyck is ImagineGov’ing for all of us. She envisions a more awesome government where its easy for people to understand and access government programs and services, and she’s working, through the U.S. Digital Service, to make it a reality.

The U.S. Digital Service is a start-up within the White House that is “restoring the fabric of democracy.” They’re “disrupting how the government does business from the inside out.” Because when people’s interactions with government are difficult, complicated, and absurd, that’s what they think government is. A great website makes a big difference in how we see government – just remember the first version of the Obamacare site.

“We don’t care about politics,” Haley Van Dyck says. “We care about making government work better, because it’s the only one we’ve got.”

Her TEDTalk about how she is disrupting our federal government to create a more efficient and accessible government is amazing.

Two of their first projects are already making a big difference for Americans:

These are huge programs that millions of Americans access every year. And there are so many programs to come. With the U.S. Digital Service, Haley Van Dyck is ImagineGov’ing in a big way. How will you ImagineGov?

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