In a very real way, our country would not exist without our veterans. They selflessly serve our nation’s interests all over the world, both while in the military and after, and our government works hard to serve them well. Government is an important way we come together to thank our veterans and to support them and their families when the return.

In this moment in a veteran’s life, I found dozens. Here are a few:

Did I miss things? Of course. (For one thing, the efforts of city and state governments to end veteran homelessness). But we are working, through our government, to thank our veterans for their service all the time. It could not be more important to do it well. And to notice how much veterans are doing in our communities by continuing to serve, whether in public service or as volunteers with organizations like Team Rubicon.

I love my veterans because they put their lives on the line to keep us all safe, and many continue to do so long after their return. I’m so glad our government is working to help make their lives better every day. We can do more; they certainly did.

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