Adam Bonin, one of Indivisible’s board members, had this to say about Indivisible and our mission in the Daily Kos on July 14th:

Our government works to help Americans every day, even if we don’t realize it.

Every time you drink water and it’s safe, or drive on a road, or go to a public library, that’s because government was there to provide for the common good and protect the public.  When we use our weather apps and GPS on our phones, it’s because our government launched those satellites.

And too many people don’t get it.  They see as government as something separate from themselves, that doesn’t have that direct, day-to-day impact on their lives.  They want to shrink it, or point to its failings.  They don’t want to improve it, or see it as a part of themselves.  Of all of us.

And that needs to change.

Adam, we couldn’t agree more. Read the rest of his wonderful piece here.

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