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The U.S. Capitol is illuminated at night as the Senate continues to work late, Friday, May 22, 2015, on Capitol Hill. When senators left town early Saturday after approving a brief extension of the nation’s highway and transit aid, they were following a well-worn path. If a program is about to expire and the two sides are stymied over what to do, Congress often keeps the program alive temporarily and revisits the problem later. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

We are delighted to announce the launch of Indivisible today, on July 14th. And you can read about us in a new article by David Jackson on USAToday.

A new non-profit initiative hopes to improve the image of an oft-criticized institution: government.

The organizers of Indivisible, which launches Tuesday, say they want to build an online community of young people who can promote the things that government does well and advance ideas on how it can improve.

Another goal, as the 2016 elections draw near: to persuade politicians to tone down their criticism of government.

“We want to bring it out of the politics,” said Dianne Stewart, president and CEO of Indivisible. “Government should not be a divisive issue.”

And it really shouldn’t. Government is us. It’s how we come together. We shouldn’t allow it to become a political football.

With “a real focus on young people,” our President and CEO, Dianne Stewart, describes Indivisible

… as “a nonprofit, nonpolitical initiative dedicated to changing the culture around how Americans think, talk about, and interact with government.”

[S]he says that Indivisible “will bring together artists and comedians, thinkers and dreamers, Republicans and Democrats to create content, programming, and trainings that reach young people where we are.”

We have a big job to do.  Don’t forget to join the Indivisible Team today.





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