Indivisible is pleased to be an outlier. We are not a think tank. We are not a policy advocacy organization. We are in it to change the culture around government in our country, informing Americans about the our potential through government and engaging people in imagining and creating the government we need. We won’t do this with white papers. We’ll do it by diving into the culture and bringing a wide range of smart, clever and sometimes even laugh-out-loud hilarious voices into the conversation. All to solve the problem of a vacuum in the public discourse, where no one wants to make the case for the role of government in America.

Michael Tomasky, a writer for the Daily Beast, has apparently “been writing grumpy columns about the problem, arguing that someone ought to go out and raise the money to start a nonprofit group whose sole and explicit mission is the defense of government.” He complains that he has been infuriated for years that, amid the “infrastructure of groups dedicated to every cause known to humanity, there was no group, none, devoted to the cause of defending the government.”

Tomasky met our President and CEO, Dianne Stewart, to learn about an initiative he had just heard about, and this is what he had to say: “Her organization, to be called Indivisible, is starting to launch right now, and I think it’s just what our discourse has needed and has sorely lacked.”

He goes on to say, “What most impressed me in my chat with Stewart is that she sounded committed to the idea that this group and its work can’t be stodgy but should be engaging, witty, edgy, and all the things one never associates with nonprofit political groups.”

Now, to be clear, Tomasky has a clear political motivation to be pleased about Indivisible. In fact these comments were embedded in an article about how Congressional Democrats can keep from falling into a political “black hole.” But to Indivisible, the goal is to wrestle the public’s view of government from the clutches of politics. Government does not belong to one party. It was not that long ago that officials from both parties saw government as a tool for creating a better future for America and for safeguarding our prosperity and our security. It was the way we came together to be Indivisible.

Check it out at The Daily Beast.

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