The Indivisible Institute is a highly competitive leadership development program for young people across the country who share a passion for reclaiming government as our unique tool for addressing tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

The Institute identifies and trains emerging leaders from diverse fields, including artists, comedians, entrepreneurs, policy makers, community activists, members of the business community – really in practically every arena – to help to build a new American culture around the role of government in a prosperous future.

The Institute gathers together faculty from entertainment, public service, academia, and communications to engage, train and mentor the next generation of civic-minded leaders. The innovative curriculum will provide skills and knowledge to help fellows build on the potential and promise of government. Each fellow will identify a project to be part of Indivisible’s ImagineGov agenda. Indivisible will connect them with experts and resources to help develop their idea. The Indivisible Institute will inspire them to carry this mission into their profession and their community.

“Idealism is no substitute for hard-headed problem solving. To make change you have to gain influence and use power, to develop policy and implement action plans, to be accountable. You have to organize. But ideals let us imagine big ideas. And you can’t organize what you can’t imagine."

Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts, May 2015, Harvard Commencement Address

Additional Information

A yearlong program, the Indivisible Institute will begin with an intense, week-long session in Austin, Texas in the spring and another weekend in the fall, with ongoing mentorship and periodic check-ins and progress updates.  But the Institute continues beyond the fellowship year.  Indivisible will create a strong community among our alumni, called the Indivisibles, to facilitate peer support of their efforts to work in their communities, states, and our nation, building the government we need for America’s future.

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