Indivisible, USA

Making Government Real IRL.

So often, we think of government as this far-off incomprehensible thing that does monetary policy, foreign policy, and fights in Washington. But it is so much more and so much closer. Government brings clean water to our homes, protects us from deadly outbreaks, and keeps our buildings and our streets safe. It is in our cities and towns and neighborhoods, run and influenced by people we know. But we rarely notice it unless we have a problem.

Indivisible, USA is changing all that.

Starting in Fall 2015, Indivisible, USA will create bridges between government and your community through real life interactions with people who work in critical government programs that you may never have heard of and the people they serve. But this isn’t just another tired speech.

Having a zombie haunted house? Maybe we should help you invite the local office of the Centers for Disease Control to pass out emergency preparedness kits and talk about the outbreaks they’re preventing every day. Or have the people who fix potholes in your town – or who decide where the bike lanes go – attend your street fair.

You can bring Indivisible, USA to your community. We’ll help you to build an organic interaction between your event and an exciting and critical government program or employee in your community, so you can integrate them with your event. You get a unique experience and your guests will have fun with someone who’s helping you out behind the scenes every day.

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