What is an important thing that we Americans can do together that we can’t do alone?
Together, we can create a future in which all kids from all communities have the opportunity succeed and thrive and to contribute their full potential to our economy and society.

What about your country, state, or community makes you proud? How do you think government interacts with that?
I am proud that my state, Massachusetts, leads the nation in providing high quality education to our children. We have high quality schools in Massachusetts because of a long term commitment to invest in our young people. But we still have a long way to go to make sure that every child is getting the support she needs to thrive.

What do you think it means to be a good citizen?
I think being a good citizen means joining with others – through government and in other ways – to solve problems and make life better for everyone in the community.

What one word describes our government as it is?

What one word do you wish described our government?

If you could run a government program or agency what would it be? What would you want to accomplish there?
I would run a Department of Education and Economic Development that would work to strengthen our economy by preparing all of our people to be able to contribute their full potential to our economy.

What thing that government does do you think would surprise most Americans?
Government creates and enforces the regulations that require that the food we buy is safe to eat.

What is your first memory of an interaction with government?
I remember writing a letter to a city counselor when I was about 7 years old asking if our street could be blocked off for 2 hours in the afternoon so we could play touch football on it. I didn’t get the street blocked off, but I did get a response explaining why that wouldn’t be a good idea and how it would create problems for other people in the neighborhood. It made me think of my government as responsive and looking out for the public good.

What was your most recent government interaction?
I just got to work by taking the subway and walking on the sidewalks maintained by the city while breathing air protected by our clean air laws.

What is your favorite thing that government does?
My favorite thing the government does it to make sure that kids, from the time they are very young through high school and sometimes into college, have access to a high quality education and the related supports they need. Our government doesn’t always do this as well as we should. But when done right, it can make an enormous difference in the lives of individual children and in the strength of our economy and democracy.

Who is your government hero who is not an elected official?
My daughter and her classmates have had a number of great teachers in our local public school. They are all heroes.

ImagineGov: If government could be anything, what would it be?
A way for people to work together to meet big challenges like building an economy that works for everyone and creating a society in which everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed and participate fully in a strong democracy.

Why is the work of Indivisible so important?
The mission of Indivisible is crucial because, to be able to build the future that we want, we have to be able to work together to be able to solve the problems that hold us back and to be able to help our children overcome the obstacles that block too many from thriving.

Name someone whose answers to these questions you would like to see.
Young people involved in community service but not active in government.

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