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Besides literally paving our way with road construction and interstates, there are countless ways that government paves the way for individual achievement, business success, community well-being, national prosperity and security.

But they’re sometimes hard to see. So Indivisible is shining a spotlight on government’s impact on our health, wealth, and happiness. Will you help?

The “I Love My” program tells the stories of the things and places that we enjoy every day, taking for granted government’s part in creating them.

This Fall, we will launch the Pave the Way video contest, offering cash prizes to young people who make a video of interviews with a small business owner about how government paved the way for their business’ success. From the GI Bill to the Affordable Card Act, from Small Business Loans to basic infrastructure, there are as many stories as there are successful entrepreneurs in America. Let’s tell them.

Sign up here to hear the moment we launch the contest. We can’t wait to see your videos. And check back here soon for ours.


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