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My Take

Katie Vann

I imagine a government that would be more forward-looking and responsive. It would always be looking for creative ways to solve the next problem, not just the problems we’re facing today.

My Take

Becky Margiotta, co-founder of the Billions Institute

"The half-way things we do to avoid solving problems cost more than actually solving the problems. It costs taxpayers less to solve homelessness than to do BandAid solutions."

My Take

Michael Lipsky, Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos

I love the U.S. Postal Service. The idea that for 50 cents I can send a letter to someone in Alaska or California or remote parts of Vermont with tremendous confidence that it will get there is awe inspiring. I also like the stamps.

My Take

Kwame Christian

"Americans would be surprised to learn that government cares."

My Take

Janet Tran, Associate Director of Education at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute

I’m proud that, even though this isn’t a perfect country, we’re allowed to say that and we have the opportunity to make it better. In some ways, it’s perfectly imperfect.

My Take

Marion Sanchez, Community Engagement Consultant for Austin

"I’m excited about people and leaders in our community running for office. I have hope that our government will be run by the people, and that gets me really excited."

My Take

Jessica Jackson Sloan, National Director and Co-Founder of #cut50

"Our government would be based on equality, treating everyone the same whether you had 5 cents in your pocket or $5 million in your pocket."

My Take

Larry Schooler

"Government should be a much better listener and have its hand much closer to the pulse of the public so it can shift its services to be closer to the actual needs of the public rather than guessing."


My Take: Andrew Slack

Andrew Slack is helping us Imagine Better. Because when we think and dream big, we can really ImagineGov.

My Take

Mary Kelly Persyn

"I imagine a government that finds a way to talk to the American people so we understand our interconnection and interdependence."

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