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Reality Check

Reality Check: Public Lands Are Our Lands

Public lands are already our lands. We're putting them to work for all of us. You can't take them back "for us." So, let's protect them.

Reality Check

Citizenship 101: Part 5: The Test and Taxes

Our citizenship test implies that Americans revolted against the British just for money. But it was about the representation part all along.

I Love My

Notes from Donya: Broad City at the DMV

On Broad City, Abbi discovered the magical Department of Motor Vehicles experience if you have an appointment.

Pave the Way

Notes from Donya: True Stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Little House on the Prairie books intentionally omit the many ways government helped the Ingalls family. Here's why it matters.

Reality Check

Reality Check: We Can’t Pardon Turkeys

We can't pardon turkeys. They haven't been convicted of a crime! But it's adorable...

Reality Check

Reality Check: There Really Is Hope.

Millennials may not believe in "institutions," but they/we know that government has to play a vital role in our lives. So what next?

Pave the Way

Reality Check: Just What Are Bar Codes Really For?

They’re so ubiquitous that we don’t notice them. Bar codes. They’re on nearly everything we buy, including peanut butter,¬†they track blood we’ve donated, patients in […]

Reality Check

Reality Check: Our Foreign Aid Budget

Every year, someone starts yelling about the federal government sending "all our money" to other countries and Thanksgiving is ruined. What's really going on?

Reality Check

Reality Check: Just What Is FEMA Stockpiling?

In case of disaster, we call FEMA. How are they always so prepared?

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