To be Indivisible, We Must Redeem Government

“Indivisible…” As kids, most of us recited this word with as little attention as when we sang the ABC’s. As adults today, we likely think of it as an unattainable ideal. But this idea—that our nation must unite in order to address our common challenges and become a better, more just and more prosperous country—is an essential aspiration.

Indivisible launched last July to do two things that no other organization exclusively focuses on:

This is not only possible—we’ve been showing exciting ways it’s happening right now in our cities, states and, yes, in our national government—it is absolutely necessary.

Without a well-functioning government, we cannot address the major challenges of our time—climate change, income inequality, racial inequity. It is natural to lament dysfunction in our political system and seek solutions elsewhere. And certainly voluntarism, non-profit organizations, social movements and private innovation all have made and must make invaluable contributions to the change we need. Yet none of these other actors are publically controlled through democracy. None of them have the scalability and reach of action and enforcement needed. None of them belong to all of us and work for all of us. None of them are the tool, provided to us by our Constitution, for coming together to work for the common good. In fact, without democratic government, none of them would have the fundamental infrastructure and economic and legal systems that allow them to flourish.

Progress and Promise at Indivisible

We want to share with you what indivisibility looks like so far. Even in a short nine months and with a small, but mighty staff, we have accomplished so much:

National Research on Reclaiming Government for America’s Future: The outlines of the findings and recommendations from the major multi-disciplinary research project we commissioned are taking shape and will be finalized by the end of May. They offer guidance for both promoting engagement on public issues and for helping Americans see the imperative for reclaiming government as our tool for coming together to solve important problems. We look forward to working with national networks, collaborators and state partners across the country to incorporate this important and timely resource into current initiatives and campaigns.

ImagineGov: Indivisible uses social media and email communications to highlight innovations and reforms in local, state and national government. At this point this work is primarily a series of educational pieces, providing inspiration and examples of efforts that are imagining government that works for all. Ultimately we want to inspire people to push for replication of innovation and reform across the country, providing resources, information and mentoring for activists across the country.

Pave the Way: Indivisible highlights ways that government paves the way for innovation, prosperity, health and community wellbeing. A series of articles and posts make visible the many “submerged,” or invisible ways that government contributes to the daily lives of Americans. Eventually, we plan an effort to engage business leaders in raising awareness of the ways in which government research and support spark innovations and support the development of successful business ventures, which in turn create jobs.

Indivisible Institute: The Indivisible Institute work currently includes capacity building among emerging leaders and training and consultation with a wide range of policy groups and activist organizations. Once our research is in hand, the Institute will assist groups across the country seeking to pursue a positive public agenda and counter the unconstructive, anti-government forces in their states. The future goal of the Institute is to sponsor a fellows program and to support peer engagement and learning for leaders who wish to be champions for reclaiming government for America’s future.

Building an Audience of Young People: Through our email list, we reach almost 6,000 subscribers every week and are poised to increase this reach by over 10,000 in the next months. Through our social media (see our Facebook page and Twitter feed), we reach over 20,000 users every day, raising up the various ways government can work invisibly to make our lives, our communities, and our businesses better, safer, and stronger. We have been successful in reaching our key target demographic, with 60% of visitors to our website and social media followers being between ages 18 and 34.

Join Indivisible

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