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Indivisible Institute

Why (Bother) Voting 5: The Wheel of Civic Life

When we all work together, we can get the virtuous cycle of civic life moving. So let's get the ball rolling.


Climate Change: The Game

It's hard to get people to participate in NOAA surveys about climate change. It's easier to get people to play a game. Especially when there is winning.


BallotReady wants us to have the facts

To ImagineGov and vote to hire elected officials that will create the public systems we want, we have to know our candidates. BallotReady can help.


Why they drive like that

There's a reason that we drive more safely. Try to guess.


10 Blocks Podcast is ImagineGov’ing

The 10 Blocks podcast is like an auditory inspiration board to help us all ImagineGov.


Notes From Dianne: VW’s “Defeat Device” for America’s Rules of the Road

VW's defeat device hurt more than just people who bought their cars or people who breathe air. They hurt capitalism.


Public Arts St. Paul is Imaginegov’ing sidewalk poetry

St. Paul looked imagined a community in which people noticed and valued well-maintained and repaired sidewalks. With poetry. Now that's an ImagineGov.


Hacking the VA Health Care Experience

Too often, we forget that we can make our government interactions better. Here are some tips from a Marine to make your VA health care experience better right now.

I Love My

How To Talk: Parks

Parks are the front porches of our shared public institutions. So let's talk about them better. And improve the way we all see and live in our communities.


Gov. saved us billions in credit card fees

Success! Our government saved consumers billions in ridiculous credit card fees - creating a fairer and more transparent credit system for all American.

Indivisible. We listen. Share Your Voice.