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Reclaiming Government for America’s Future.

Too much time is taken up debating big government versus small government, but what we need to be discussing is how our government works well when it is working for US—the American people—and when it fails to do so, how WE correct it.

So let’s do it.  Indivisible is working to inspire a cultural shift in how Americans think about the role of government in America by training the next generation of civic-minded leaders, disrupting and reframing negative media discourse about government, and creating a network of champions to change the conversation about government in their communities.

We are tapping into the minds of some of the most creative and funny people in America to change American culture with engaging, thought-provoking tactics that meet people where they are. If we want to continue accomplishing big things through government it is going to require us to have the honest conversations, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Our Programs

I Love My

Revealing government’s role in creating some of our favorite things and places.



Engaging Americans in imagining and creating inspiring local, state and national government.


Indivisible Institute

Training and mentoring rising leaders to equip them to be culture changers.


Indivisible, USA

Making real-life connections with government through creative, engaging local events.


My Take

Interviewing real people about their feelings and interactions with government.


Pave the Way

Making government's impact on our economy, our communities and our lives visible.


Reality Check

Exposing the reality behind myths and misunderstandings about government.

Indivisible is highlighting a key issue that is important for everything else to happen in an intelligent and objective way.

Betty Sue Flowers

At a time where there is a lot of deconstruction of government, and a growing frustration that comes from that, we tend to forget what happens when we don’t have an effective partner in government. Government has a role in infrastructure, democracy, checks and balances, and our ability to govern ourselves. Indivisible reminds us of that role, and of the importance of the role we each have in making sure that government functions well.

Clarissa Martinez De Castro, Deputy Vice President at the National Council of La Raza

We’ve lived through too many years when the voice of reason has been overwhelmed in our public life by the loud voice of those who demean the public purpose and necessary public business of the country. Indivisible seeks to reverse that.

Rep. David Skaggs


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