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Indivisible energizes and informs Americans about government’s potential and enlists them to imagine and create the government we need for all to have a safe, healthy, just and prosperous future.

I know amazingly little about government. I wish I knew more. People should be more aware of and participate in government and community events. It would make the government better to have people more educated and engaged in the process at any and every level.

Todd Blackman, Green River
Good citizens feel responsible for what’s happening to everyone in your neighborhood, in your state, and in your country. But you can’t just feel responsible, you have to take steps to put your values into practice.

Aliya Rahman
I believe in the American Dream still. If you work hard in this country you get what you deserve because our laws promote that.

Valeria Gurr, Clark County Education Association
I think being a good citizen means joining with others – through government and in other ways – to solve problems and make life better for everyone in the community.

Noah Berger, Mass Budget and Policy Center
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